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Royal Greenwich Properties specialise in offering secure, high-yield investment properties designed to fulfil investment goals, and deliver competitive annual returns.

We source property investments in London locations and surrounding areas where there is a high rental demand. Our clients include buy-to-let investors and property enthusiasts looking to build or strengthen their property portfolio.

We realise our clients are looking for deals that offer a strong return on investment and capital protection. However, it’s even more important that our clients do not experience capital losses with developments, or deals that never take place. No-one wants to see their hard-earned cash wasted on poor investment choices.

We work closely with investors in selecting the best property deals precisely tailored to their needs. We help our investors achieve their long-term financial vision. Many of our clients are looking to build a well-balanced property portfolio that offers both short-term income and long-term security—low risk, high returns.

We make the day-to-day management of your property transactions as straightforward as possible. We always source properties where there is a high rental demand in order to secure a reliable income and improve overall gains.

Our team of property sales experts at RGP offer tailored solutions, expert negotiation, and consistent, cost-effective renovations.

By utilizing our experience and expertise, we’ll help you devise a detailed strategy monitored over a set period to meet performance targets. This ensures a high value solution focused on saving investors’ time and money.

Our Investment Property Strengths

  • Passionate & highly experienced investment team
  • In-depth London regional knowledge
  • Straightforward & transparent process

We are passionate about sourcing good deals as we know you will come back to us, refer us, and recommend us. We believe in building solid relationships. In fact, this is the only way we do business!

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